Introduction for Beginners by Dr. John Whitman Ray, N.D., N.M.D.

"Contempt prior to complete investigation will
enslave a man to ignorance." Anonymous

The following is a guide to aid the individual to understand the basic concepts of Body Electronics with the express intent that the most favorable results be obtained in the time expended. The individual is encouraged to maintain a persistent and consistent course of activity in Body Electronics, that the desired benefits of physical health, emotional well being and peace of mind may be eventually obtained. Ponder and pray upon each of the following concepts as it is necessary to understand and apply each of them that Body Electronics may be effective and not relegated to a mechanical method played upon the physical body.

1. Body Electronics, when properly applied, is done in a quiet, loving atmosphere, permeated with gentleness and patience, with commitment on the part of all concerned to professionalism and confidentiality, and encompassed with mutual trust, concern and discretion. Body Electronics is applied in an exact, systematic, methodical manner which should rarely be deviated from in order to obtain satisfactory and lasting results.
Body Electronics is a method of sustained acupressure which requires an undestanding of nutritional preparation, anatomical structure, physiological function, emotional interactivity, and mental processes within a framework of what is known as the "Healing Crisis."

2. Body Electronics requires an understanding of the "Healing Crisis." Hering's Law of Cure has been accepted for many years as the basic underlying definition of the "healing Crisis." This concept has been accepted by Natural Health Practitioners the world over including Chiropractic Physicians, Naturopathic Physicians, Homeopathic Physicians, Herbalists, Iridologists and a host of other valid natural healing modalities.


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