Body Electronics has often been described as "miraculous", and "the most powerful healing method on the planet." It does seem miraculous when sight is restored or broken bones are mended or forms of disease cease to exist. When we more fully understand how we create/un-create, we do not see these things as miraculous, but rather as grace with which to play the game of Life, and to uncover our unique processes.

In Body Electronics, regeneration occurs when the Healing Crisis is experienced in the Presence of Unconditional Love and Forgiveness. At that time the reactive pattern, [sensory memory, emotionality, word patterns] is released, freeing one's self of resistance. This process requires a great deal study and reflection. When one encompasses with love the physical and emotional bodies, accessing the mental body becomes achievable.

As Dr. John Whitman wrote through Divine inspiration in Logic in Sequence Book 1: "Until man can experience on the mental level that which exists on the physical level, he will be bound to the physical."


Illia and Jane Brown, Harrisburg PA. 2006

With dedication and commitment to our own Self Discovery, we each may navigate our own ascension.

This, is the game of Life!