To remain in good physical health, we must provide the body with necessary elements. For detailed information on information below, please see "Twelve Points On……".

  1. Superfood Enzymes - Enzymes International             - see for 12 points on enzymes.

  2. Liquid Colloidal Minerals, and mineral capsules.  
    Enzymes International                                           - see for 12 points on minerals.   

  3. Cod liver oil and flax oil - cold pressed and
    organic source                                                     - see for 12 points on E.F.A's.          

  4. Probiotics - Good bacteria for gastrointestinal health.  - see for 12 points on probiotics.

  5. Oxygen                                                               - see for 12 points on oxygen.

  6. Mature green papaya - Enzymes International

This is the basic nutritional program for all people participating
in Body Electronics. More may be added upon individual consultation/eye reading. Read about the healing crisis in How We Heal, by Doug Morrison, North Atlantic Books.

As a Special-Service from Illa you can download articles as Word-Files:

True Healing - Dr. John Whitman Ray

Facilitation - Graham Bennett