My first point holding experience was yesterday, after attending the Instructional Seminar 3 weeks ago. I prepared as best I could nutritionally with the minerals and the enzymes for those 3 weeks though I have to admit my lifestyle was not the best up until then. I was looking forward to the point holding and hoping for good things to come from it. And I wasn’t let down. After my first time as a pointholdee I was amazed to find that my back didn’t hurt anymore. I have had scoliosis in my lower back for the last 35 years which has only gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. Sometimes the pain was worse than other times but it was always there. I was tilted to the side when I walked and people thought I had hip problems but it was my back. I also couldn’t straighten out my right foot. The pain is now gone, I walk straight and I can now extend my right foot. I’ve had a lot of trouble sleeping, only sleeping for 2 hours at a time but since the pointholding I can now sleep for 5 hours straight.  I also had 2 scars disappear from hernia operations. This is going to make such a difference in my life, to be able do things without pain. I am very happy about this and looking forward to more pointholding sessions in the future.
Karen Pattison

I experienced my first pointholding November, 2006. I had pain in my back for many years that had been diagnosed by my doctor as scoliosis. After the pointholding weekend, the scoliosis was gone along with the pain. I was very suprised at the time, but even more so now that the pain has not returned. What a difference this had made in my life, I am an active skiier, and have enjoyed this so much this year.
I had forgotten what it was like not to have pain. It's nice to wake up looking forward to the day instead of things being an effort.
I am so grateful to have found Body Electronics.
Karen Pattison

"As I so often say, when we are willing to look at our unconscious, re-experience and release what we are 'holding' there, dramatic change takes place. Sometimes in a twinkling of an eye."

Illia's words are spoken with the sincerity of the heart and carry the intensity of her spirit.
Kit Hard

I have learned much from Illia by watching the grace with which she has evolved.
She has been ever-present ever-open ever-loving. As a teacher of the heart, Illia teaches from the heart. Illia is my sister, my mother, my teacher, my friend.
Rose Canino

The teaching of Body Electronics through Illia has truly been a journey of self discovery. As I listened to the lecture/discussion it made the hairs stand up on my arms. We all know truth when we hear it and experience it from our own perception. Illia’s knowledge and experience is evident in every teaching and/or conversation, she teaches with Heart from her Heart. I have been a close friend of Illia’s for over 25 years and am very thankful for the opportunity to have shared in her life.
Through my experiences in point holding, I have been given the Grace of breaking through some of my resistances that have kept me from being able to visualize. For years I have tried to be able to see pictures in my mind but was prevented from doing so. It was after my first point holding session that pieces of pictures started to appear. Through subsequent sessions, they are appearing more completely and more frequently. I feel blessed.
Kathleen Hoof

For years I have always “dug deep” & looked for answers about why I think and act certain ways. Most of the time I have felt uncomfortable about my feelings and so “stuffed” them. In body electronics I am able to explore my feelings in a safe environment with like minded people . Here I am able to gain insight into my thought processes & identify my present behaviour patterns. This helps me to take responsibility for my feelings which is a good thing; a vast improvement over thinking of myself as a victim. I participate in body electronics because I feel empowered to make changes in my life. The cost is my time,my energy, & my commitment to my own optimal nutritional & spiritual health; and to be supportive of other participants there to do the same. In body electronics you do not pay someone else to do it for you. Illia is there to facilitate the “point – holding” sessions & to provide support & answers to the many questions that arise. I can say from deep in my heart that she is all she believes body electronics to be. It is an awesome experience! Life changing!
RA Souter

My experience with a session goes like this......first i must address the clarity of both Illia and the space she has created for her sessions.......profound......the most poignant aspect of my recent session was the space of "love" i experienced......along with a profound emotional experience that my mind created a framework to receive, beneath that was a knowingness that i am that love and all else is an illusion…...in that space one can only imagine what things may have been healed! I am in profound gratitude for the experience and the loving clarity that facilitated