What is Body Electronics?

The Mastery of Bodily Regeneration

"Body Electronics is in part, a method of sustained acupressure which requires an understanding of nutrition, anatomical structure, physiological function, emotional interactivity, and mental processes within a framework of the Healing Crisis." - John Whitman Ray

"Why not just bask in the multitudinous light emanations from the infinite expression of life, which is serving us by the law of attraction to show us our innermost powers." - John Whitman Ray

Body Electronics is practiced in a group format where individuals give and receive sustained acupressure. This is done in Point Holding Groups or Retreats. After being sufficiently educated in the Seminars.

Trapped within our human bodies are all the resistances and unresolved traumas of our unique pasts. In the human body crystals/calcifications form, holding onto stored memories much like a computer chip. These signs of physical degeneration inevitably trap our attention until resolved. The correct application of Body Electronics releases suppressed memory, emotionality and word patterns from the crystaline structure as it dissolves. This is called The Healing Crisis.

Nutrient saturation precedes and accompanies Point Holding - giving and receiving sustained acupressure. An inner process is applied, allowing access to cellular memory. Through the method of Body Electronics, using what I call the B.E. Triangle we transmute existing resistance with love and forgiveness, freeing our consciousness from it’s trapped condition. In this new state of awareness we may live and act from a place of freedom rather than conditioned response. As these patterns are released they are re-experienced by the individual Healing Crisis.

"When properly administered Body Electronics is done in a quiet, loving atmosphere, permeated with gentleness and patience. A commitment on the part of all concerned to professionalism and confidentiality should be encompassed within mutual concern and discretion." - J.W.R.

Body Electronics was founded by the late Dr. John Whitman Ray N.D. as well as the complementary Iris Sclera Integrated Diagnosis – a specific form of Iridology which is used with Body Electronics. He recorded his original concept on the application of Body Electronics and its Metaphysical aspects in Logic in Sequence and Health and the Human Mind. In over forty years of evolution it has developed into a unique method of self healing/self mastery.

How We Heal, by Dr. Doug Morrison, is a must read for nutritional information and an overview of Body Electronics. I use this as the course book for all my classes and retreats. It is currently available from North Atlantic Books. More about Body Electronics www.bodyelectronics.co.uk

It is my understanding that we are now experiencing rapid change in consciousness, shifting into higher states of being. Body Electronics is facilitating this process, with a practical method by which to consciously make powerful personal change.

When practicing B.E., the physical body is first fortified nutritionally, preparing for the rigorous process of giving and receiving sustained acupressure – Point Holding. The point holding process is sequential. When the endocrine system is sufficiently re-vitalised, spinal points and structural symmetry points are held. Cranial electronics is applied when the spine and human frame has been corrected whereas symmetry has been restored and the pathways of the spine are functioning effectively. After giving and receiving a minimum of 2 Cranial's and a great deal of experience with Point Holding advanced students may attend the Visualization and Consciousness course as developed by Dr. Ray. This is a rigorous application of methods by which one practices the art of transmutation. This is for the dedicated individual interested in Self Mastery.

In the B.E. process we unlock the stored memory/emotionality/word patterns present as a result of past resistance/trauma. When stored trauma is brought into the Now {awareness}, it may be uncreated, transmuted with Forgiveness and Love. This freedom from the past and from the patterns with which we create, results in a clearer awareness from which to live.

"Responsibility is the willingness to be simultaneously cause and effect." - J.W.R.