Dr. John Whitman Ray
Dec. 22, 1934 - April 21, 2001

John Whitman Ray attained many credentials in his lifetime. He taught mathematics, chemistry and physics at the secondary level for twelve years, and at the university level for three years. He obtained a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, Nutrition, and Philosophy.

Dr. John Whitman Ray founded Body Electronics- The Science of Bodily Regeneration, Cranial Electronics, Iridology/Sclerology Integrated Diagnosis, and is the author of many books including the pivotal series Logic in Sequence- Health and the Human Mind.

John taught around the world, spending the last several years of his life living in the South Pacific, in Rarotonga, Cook Islands. There he and his wife operated the Cook Island Healing Centre, frequently spreading his knowledge farther abroad through Body Electronics seminars presented in New Zealand and Australia. His commitment was intense, and he was willing to do whatever was needed to assist everyone who quested for a higher potential to awaken and change their consciousness. This energy lives on today, even though he has left his body behind.

Thank you John, for your selfless commitment to humankind, so that everyone could have a practical present day method for Self Discovery, Self Healing, Self Mastery. Victory to all!